“Unwrap your gift” Book

Unwrap Your Gift is a book that will open your eyes as well as your heart to the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life. Spiritual gifts help us to do what we do best as Christians, honor God. This book you hold in your hands will share four phases that a group of women went through to get to their spiritual gift. Phase One taking the Spiritual Gift Assessment to identify their gifts. Phase Two was spiritual development to enhance the identified gifts. Phase Three was to develop a ways and means to use their spiritual gifts in a ministry. Phase Four was to show the spiritual growth through a group exercise of developing a ministry using your spiritual gift or enhancing a ministry the women will already involve. Let their journey help you to walk your own journey to discover your spiritual gifts.

About The Author

Rev. Dr. Angela M. Battle

The Reverend Doctor Angela M. Battle is an ordained Itinerant Elder of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. Reverend Battle attended Maryland University European Division, in Germany where she received a Business Management Certification.  Reverend Angela is a graduate of Kean University where she attained her Bachelor’s Cum Laude and Master’s in Public Administration. Reverend Battle has a certification in Theology from New Brunswick Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master’s of Divinity and a Prestigious Letter of Distinction.   Reverend Battle received her Doctor of Ministry degree from Drew University School of Theology with a concentration on Church Growth and Development. This is the highest academic professional degree to be received in Ministry. Her dissertation focused on identifying spiritual gifts such as leadership, communication and administration to name a few.  Her powerful literary work is encapsulated in the published book entitled, “Unwrap Your Gift”.  Its purpose is to identify, develop and to be empowered to use your gift both in the church and in the secular world.  Reverend Battle has written several meditations and you may find some in the Women In Ministry Lenten Meditation Booklet 2014, 2018 and on the Bicentennial Website 2016 under Meditations.  Dr. Battle has received numerous awards such as the 2016 New Jersey Annual Conference recipient for the distinguish Sarah Bass Allen Bicentennial Celebration Humanitarian Award and the most recent the National Council of Negro Women Outstanding Humanitarian Award 2017.

Dr. is the pastor of the historic Bethel AME Church in Pennington, NJ which is known for being a pillar in the community as stated in the Hopewell Valley News article dated October 14, 2016 and AME Christian Recorder dated January 2017.  More information can be found on the church website at www.bethelpennington.org  Dr. Battle also appear as a guest on the WIMG 1300 am radio talk show “The Loop” with Tanya Young Williams the topic of discussion was the constitutional right of kneeling during the singing of the Star Spangle Banner.

It is obvious and undoubtedly that Dr. Battle is anointed, multi-gifted, charismatic, and energetic.  She is a pastor, community leader, humanitarian, teacher, lecturer, author, mother and grandmother.   Currently, Dr. Battle is writing her next book revealing some of the struggles as a talented, educated African American woman in the corporate workforce dealing with institutional racism entitled, “Man Cover”.

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